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Our story

Hello! We are Halyna and Kateryna, also known as The Sky and Rye team. Our paths crossed during the full-scale invasion, and as time went on, we discovered our shared values and passions. Thus, the story of our store began.

Throughout our journey across Ukraine, we immersed ourselves in the rich craft traditions of various regions. These experiences served as inspiration for our inaugural collection.

We firmly believe in the transformative power of art, which bridges generations and embodies cultural heritage. Our mission is to support artisans who continue to create history through their profound understanding and remarkable skills.

Another core value we hold dear is people. We recognize the individuals behind the production of our products, as well as those who choose to adorn their homes with these treasures.

Our store aims to not only provide the joy of acquiring something beautiful but also to foster an appreciation for the multifaceted and harmonious nature of our culture.

As you embark on your journey with The Sky and Rye, we extend our warmest wishes for a fulfilling experience.

Співпраця з майстрами

Ми раді почати співпрацю з новими талановитими майстрами.


Якщо ви виготовляєте декор для дому у традиційних українських техніках та хотіли б його продавати на нашому сайті – заповніть форму, ми надішлемо всі деталі вам на пошту.

Вау! Новий майстер хоче з нами співпрацювати! Дякуємо за довіру, чекайте на всю додаткову інформацію на пошті.

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